Spring is in the air

While you may not see it from the number of blog posts we’ve had a busy winter.

ELBO rides again was a lot of fun, but the Sunday Sessions have also kept on rolling with a steady stream of happy bikes.

But now the days are getting longer and warmer so if you haven’t already you’ll soon be wanting to get on a bike and enjoy one of the Bicycle Network’s social rides or just do your own thing with friends & family (or sometimes by yourself because that’s good for the soul too).

So make a plan.

  1. Check the Upcoming Sessions
  2. Get along to fix your bike, or one from our donations
  3. Ride

As the saying goes, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We find as the days get longer, the numbers coming to the Sunday Sessions increases so don’t leave it too long.

Besides the sooner you do it, the sooner you’re out on your bike.

Bike Love, HBK

Barn Fresh Bikes

It was such a great Sunday session, complete with pictures, that it deserves more than a quick facebook status so here’s Matt’s report from Sunday.

The Sunday session – 27th of the 10th 2013 – Scratch builds, Barn Fresh – Wheel rebuilds.

A balmy 20° greeted all comers including some regulars, two new volunteers, the Brumby family with some donations and a few bikes to tune plus plenty of newcomers with 12 bikes going out the door, 10 tune ups and 25 people through the yard, it was a busy day indeed!

Good thing Bernd was second chef along to help with a ute load of donations collected Saturday and Raf along later in the day to fit a rack to his bike.

Some late comers from two weeks ago, Milad,Hossein,Reza,Mostafo and Sayed that had a look at a few bikes at closing time were back in force today, five in number, and they were ready to take on a few challenges all required larger frame bikes and all quite happy to start their build from the frame up. Sayed was finishing a bike from two weeks ago. This weekend I think we raided every spares box and in true bike kitchen fashion, five great bikes were cooked up. Some strange combinations seem to work, a seven speed hub on a five-speed shift coupled with a three speed crank on what originally was two speed derailleur. The boys seemed happy to help each other out and with a flurry of tools and many hands the finished products were ridden home with smiles all round.

Zach a new volunteer on the day was thrown in the deep end with Ellen bringing in a barn fresh crusty old rust red classic complete with dynamo lighting system and was quite happy to spend the next two hours completely rebuilding it hubs, wheels, brakes, second-hand chain, cables second-hand grips and to my surprise the finished project rode out the door. I seriously thought it would take two weeks to build. Well done Zach & Ellen. Sorry I missed a photo of the finished product.

Over the last 3 weeks we have had a go at a stubborn hub with collapsed bearings – took the bull by the horns today, and with no suitable replacement wheel laced a new hub and the “wheel gods” were shining – trued up and back on to complete the repair on Sayed’s bike.

Warren dropped in to help – great help sorting for bits and help out – thanks

Geof also in to help and volunteer his time and expertise.

Shaadeh came in to adjust and finish of his bike with a few tyres required – how many puncture repairs did we do today? – all sorted and on the road again.

Elliot in for some bits to build a polo bike – sourced them all and build on the way.

Joel and his mate from Germany were in to build a bike but heading north so took there nearly complete projects home to finish – I think they are going to ride around Tassie on them!

We had Garry, Butler and Roland in building bikes but they were lost in the crowd so missed them on the way out!

Plenty of donations on the day – shoes, lights, gloves.

The Bike Kitchen is Alive and Kicking!

Regards Matt

Hobart Bike Kitchen
Hobart Bike Kitchen
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to all
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Structured Sunday…for bike organising

It was a spring clean sort of a Sunday at HBK this weekend. Fortunately the strong winds of Saturday had abated, and the forecast rain stayed away.

At long last we had the ‘bones’ for the keenly awaited bike hanging structure – 6 pairs of steel posts and about 50m of hardwood rails combine to make a 13 metre long shelter. We had a long roll of shadecloth, hundreds of gang nails, dozens of hooks, several drills, a ladder, and a vague plan. Our goal was to provide our oft-rained on bikes with some semblance of shelter, and the ability to have their running gear free from weedy entanglements.

Ben, Matt and Maddie did a huge job cutting and fixing the shadecloth, ably helped out by Alex and Aaron. They were later joined by Lance and Bernd who assisted with the drilling, and screwing in of hooks (until we ran out!). Lance and Ben then made significant inroads on sorting of bikes. It seemed appropriate that the first bike hung was a girls Huffy “Show Off” (geez it was heavy).

The planned configuration is to have kids bikes closest to the shed, and a dedicated bay at the far end for ‘project bikes’ – those that have tags on and have been worked on in past 3 weeks. We also have a heap of frames which we’ve hung quite closely in the middle section, in order to make best use of the space. Over next few weekends a few ‘cull or keep’ decisions will be made with regard to a heap of kids bikes and MTBs.

As you see in the photos 1 and 3 it was a great day of ‘VP’ (visual progress) and to think we also had about 14 people there at times working on a whole range of bikes – classic ladies step throughs, polo bikes in various states of repair and more.

So if you are thinking of coming to HBK this coming weekend it would be ace if you could lend a hand to fix the last bit of shadecloth. The sooner we get this job out of the way the sooner we get to fix bikes.

1_Start of session
1 Start of session
2_Shadecloth up and drilling begins
2 Shadecloth up and drilling begins
3_End of session
3 End of session
4_view from the kiddies end
4 view from the kiddies end
5_neatly ordered frames
5 neatly ordered frames
6_Aaron working on his steed
6 Aaron working on his steed

There’s something going wrong around here

Well there isn’t actually anything going wrong around here, quite the opposite.

The post was going to be titled “There’s something going on around here” but apparently that’s a mondogreen.

Either way I’m more Joe Jackson than Kid Courageous, and as for pretty girls I think I should just concentrate on the bikes being turned out from the Bike Kitchen, and at least you’ll be able to take one home tonight when you come to Bike Kitchen.

Which is all just a lead in to some more photos of one of our recent Sunday Sessions.

You can see one of the new acquisitions is a tandem. We’re planning to make that the HBK special events bike, so we’d love to have you come along and give us a hand to have it/her looking and running beautifully.

Hopefully by the next Courteous Mass or so we’ll be able to lead the way on a bicycle built for two.

HBK Tandem
HBK Tandem

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HBK keeping busy

Last Sunday (11th April) was a busy Sunday for HBK.

Sunday morning HBK featured on ABC Local Radio with Chris Wisby.

Unfortunately, we went to air earlier than planned and the stream ripper missed half the session. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it for posterity.

Then had a great Sunday Session with a group from Migrant Resource Centre. It was great to have so much happening and Georgi reports that 5 bikes went off in the bus and there’s a couple of more for next weekend to be finished.

We had a good band of helpers, thanks to Steve & Steve for joining in along with Pete, Mark & Galen.

You can see some photos of the action below.

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Australia Day Weekend Session.

Last weeks Bike Kitchen was possibly the biggest yet. The backyard was filled with Bikes, Bike Kitcheners, Kids and a Dog.

Mark and his father with their completed Apollo which was gorgeous. It took a few sessions to get all the niggles out but all the effort was worth it!

Ollie built up another Apollo frame which I found a few bocks from HBK HQ on hard rubbish day. This frame was a full on racer and really light. Currently running ‘Ghetto’ single speed, (2 Chainrings and Cassette remain) this bike is the perfect steed for getting around town and to Uni.

Sunday Session 18/10

This Sundays Session was the best yet.

More bikes were completed for the Sustainability Expo. We had people along learning skills and building up their bikes, people coming along to find frames and parts and amazing people donating their time and their stuff to Hobart Bike Kitchen. Thanks to everyone involved!

A Special shout out goes to Rodger Willows whose donations nearly doubled the amount of bikes we have as well as including boxes of parts and tools! We are still sorting through what we received (and trying to fit it all in our Shed!) No doubt his generosity will let us help heaps of people onto their bikes this coming summer.

To those of you who have contacted HBK about donations, thank you and we will try to get in touch with you tomorrow. Its a very busy time for all the volunteers at HBK and pickup of your donations is complicated by the fact I’ve finally  gotten rid of my ute and therefore am in the enviable position of being car free. We will organise something with you soon. Thanks for your patience.

With all the bikes and action happening at the HBK headquarters, we are fast running out of storage space. Long-term we are always interested in any offers of a secure space closer to the Hobart CBD. If you have any information about any unused space, please hit us up.

Sadly, there won’t be a Sunday Session next weekend(25/10)  as some key members will be unavailable. So we hope to see you all the weekend afterwards.

Sunday Session photos

Momentum is building here at Hobart Bike Kitchen. This Sunday Session saw many helping hands volunteer their time despite the threatening weather. Much Progress was made and it was great to see the ‘brain trust’ at work. Everyone was learning off each other and I’m sure everyone took away some valuable knowledge. My greatest appreciation goes out to those who attended.