HBK keeping busy

Last Sunday (11th April) was a busy Sunday for HBK.

Sunday morning HBK featured on ABC Local Radio with Chris Wisby.

Unfortunately, we went to air earlier than planned and the stream ripper missed half the session. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it for posterity.

Then had a great Sunday Session with a group from Migrant Resource Centre. It was great to have so much happening and Georgi reports that 5 bikes went off in the bus and there’s a couple of more for next weekend to be finished.

We had a good band of helpers, thanks to Steve & Steve for joining in along with Pete, Mark & Galen.

You can see some photos of the action below.

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2 thoughts on “HBK keeping busy”

  1. Splendid effort pete and mark. I feel priviledged to have such good vibes going on in the back yard. Liam

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