So you like what we do and would like to donate to HBK?

There are a number of donations that we’re very happy to receive.
Money, Stuff, Time, Skills, Bikes, Cake

Well yes that helps to run HBK, we have to pay trailer registration, insurance, incorporation fees and the like.
We also buy tools and parts from time to time plus the usual consumables such as grease, lubricants, cleaner etc.. .
If you’d like to make a donation we can now do that via PayPal.

To give you an idea on where the money goes
$5 = new tube repair kit to breath new life into old tubes
$20  = new brake and gear cables and grease and lubricant to keep bikes safe and the wheels spinning freely
$50 = new chains to get 3 bikes on the road 

We are working on getting our tax exempt status, but have not yet done so.

Stuff you might have.
If you do have any of the consumables mentioned above, grease, lubricants such as RP7 or WD40, rags. hand cleaner and so on they are always appreciated.

Your time
Now we’re talking.
The most valuable donation we can have is some of your time.
Having more “chefs” to work with the people who come to HBK means we can help more people, more bikes get ridden more often and more fun is had.
You don’t have to be a highly skilled bike mechanics (I’m certainly not) as often the tasks are relatively simple, or you can ask a more experienced chef or one of our manuals.
Even if you don’t feel confident in cheffing, there are many jobs we need a hand with such as sorting wheels for the new bike racks, stripping parts from damaged frames or even an occasional tip run.

Your skills
Your skills might lie in other directions. We’ve been lucky to have a graphic designer chef to create our cool logo, an IT guy chef hence this site and the Upcoming Sessions widget, a Chef “chef” who organised our wonderful opening day feast and the list goes on.
You probably have a skill that could be put to good use, more photos/video of HBK sessions, organise a community building event, liaise with migrant groups, … . We’d love to hear your ideas on how to improve HBK.

Bike donations are core to what we do, and we’d like to thank the many people who over the years have donated bikes.
We continue to rely on donations and seem to have struck a good balance between the number of bikes coming in versus the number going out and storage available.
We don’t have any hard and fast rule about what is acceptable. A reasonable test would be if you enjoyed riding it but have now upgraded, just don’t ride it any more, or it’s broken but the parts are good then we’d like to have it.
If it was horrible to ride because it’s big and heavy and things never worked then probably no one else will enjoy riding it either.
Call it the Huffy test.

As The Wilderness Society is a private backyard we can only accept donations when we’re there i.e. on a Sunday from 1:00 – 4:00 if a session is running.

It’s best to check the page and see if a Sunday Session is listed in the Upcoming Sessions widget on the left hand side in case we’re not running a session or we’re elsewhere.

If that doesn’t suit you we can usually organise something.

Don’t think I’m joking. If you ever wanted to say thank you to the HBK crew and dropped in with a cake on a Sunday afternoon I can confidently say that we and the HBK visitors would be very happy.

2 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. Hi there. I have some old bikes I’d like to get rid of from when the kids were younger. I’d love to see them reused and provide fun for some other kids. How do I go about dropping them off to you guys

    1. Hi Andrew, apologies for slow reply, don’t often check the comments it’s generally an email.

      But to the point, we’d be happy to help see the bikes reused.

      Drop off is at a Sunday Session at 130 Davey St. We try to have one every weekend but the best thing is to check the Upcoming Sessions page on the site. Sometimes they may not get into the calendar until late in the week depending on when “chefs” volunteer.

      If that doesn’t suit mail me at


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