pilesHobart Bike Kitchen is:

  • a means of recycling old bikes and parts into usable bicycles
  • a resource of information and tools to keep your bike maintained or to get it back on the road again.
  • a promoter of cycling and healthy transport
  • a provider of bikes to those who are unable to get a bike by other means
  • An inclusive space – all genders, cultures, ethnicities welcome
  • An education and sharing place – we value learning and sharing (and above both, sharing learning!)

We are a non profit group of people who love bikes and who want to share our passion.

What we do
We provide advice and assistance so you can learn bike maintenance skills, it might be as simple as repairing a flat tyre or adjusting a derailleur to something much more difficult.

We share tools if you can do the job but don’t have the tools necessary.

We use parts from those past the point of no return to get other bikes out on the open road.

What we don’t do
We’re not a bikeshop nor free bike mechanics. It’s about providing you the environment and advice to help you learn the skills to fix your bike yourself. Yes we will help, Yes you can use our tools, Yes there are old bikes which can be used as a source of spare parts.

We don’t bag bike shops. We love the people at the bike shops.
We want more people riding bikes and buying stuff at bike shops when they can, or taking their bike to bike shop mechanics when it suits them to do so.

What does it cost?
We don’t charge a thing – this is a volunteer labour of love, enthusiasm and fun
but you may need to buy parts yourself where they can’t be sourced from other bikes safely e.g. tyres, tubes or brake pads – it probably depends on how hard you are prepared to recycle.

What do we accept?
Anything that is going to contribute to putting a road worthy bike on the road, so a bike that’s no longer used, a bike that may have something broken that may provide parts for others, parts that you’ve got sitting around in the shed or garage for a bike you’ve no longer got.

Also bike tools, CRC or whatever someone can use to go cycling.

What would we love
For you to contact us and be involved, we want people who have skills to pass on, and people to learn those skills, people who can promote the good ideals of healthy transport, of cycles for all and of a cycle friendly Hobart.