At HBK, we are:

Welcoming – Be welcoming to all. Be mindful and inclusive in your language and disposition. If you’re having a bad day, lay off the tools and go for a ride!

Accepting – Accept all donations (even those in the worst condition, we want to be the place that people take bikes before the skip, even if some are only skip-worthy).

Teaching – Demonstrate, but avoid ‘do-ing’ on behalf of visitors. Remember – “The student holds the tools”.

Encouraging – Encourage visitors to share what they’ve learnt. “They’ve just done that, let me introduce you”. Recommend professionals when appropriate.

Generous – Be generous with the donations others have given us. Parts are happier on moving bicycles rather than gathering dust (and rust) on our shelves.

Safe – Always think safety-first. Your safety; the safety of Others on site, and the safety of all Bikes leaving the Kitchen. If you think something is unsafe, say so.

Respectful – Respect guides all of our interactions with one other. We celebrate diversity and make the Kitchen a place where everyone is listened to and valued. Treat others in the same respectful and considerate way that you would like to be treated yourself.