Auction Bikes – 2016

If you look back at previous years you might say I’m repeating myself, but it doesn’t matter as it the same great story.
Sustainable Living Tasmania are set to run a better than ever Sustainable Living Festival , and we’ll be at Prince’s Wharf No. 1 on the 12th and 13th of November.

So you get your once a year chance for the Hobart Bike Kitchen bikes auction and the opportunity to grab a quality bike for a great price.

I’ve said it before – it’s not a win-win, it’s a win-win-win as you get a great bike, the world is a better place with one more happy, healthy, low-emission bike rider and Hobart Bike Kitchen raises the money which keeps us open throughout the year.

This year you’re going to get two chances to grab an auction bike as we’ll be having a short sharp auction session both days.

The auctions have been scheduled for 15 mins on Saturday 1.25-1.40 and 30 mins on Sunday 1.00-1.30. Both on the forecourt festival stage.
Time is short and we will be quick to sell

To help you out if you can’t be sure of being on site at the right time we’re happy to take your bids beforehand. You can email us or come by the HBK marquee on the Saturday or Sunday and have a good look at the bikes and leave your bid with us then.

All the bikes are now listed, in the expected auction order. Pick a bike,or shareand we’ll see you one the weekend.


Classic is a misused word, but here it is perfect.
Classic is a misused word, but here it is perfect.








Red and white and beautiful
Red and white and beautiful


Do whatever you need.
Do whatever you need.


Please Share with your friends, there is no better way to get a bike than the HBK Bike auctions