You’d like to join us?

Terrific, as the saying goes the more the merrier.

We are all volunteers with limited time so having more volunteers enables Bike Kitchen to assist more people. We can run more sessions, have more ‘chefs’ at a session and we may have the opportunity to add extra services (specially targeted workshop classes, travel to more sites such as schools and community houses, …)

We have lots of ideas and there’s also much we can learn from you.

Do you have to be a good bike mechanic? No.
We have all learnt as we go and remember you’re not expected to fix peoples bikes. The chefs are there to guide and assist, and sometimes we don’t know or don’t get it right first time. That’s when the HBK hive mind comes in to play and we help each other.
You may not even want to work on bikes. There are roles such as Welcomer, you may be able to bring order to the shed, work on the web site, …

Do I have to come every week/month? No.
It’s as flexible as it needs to be for you.
You can put yourself down for a Sunday Session when you wish.