Donate a Bike

So you’ve got an old bike or two that isn’t getting the use it deserves.

Well our first suggestion would be that you bring it along to a Sunday Session, give it some bike love and take it home again for yourself and get back on the bike. There is lots of information on commuting by bike, or you might just want to ride to your nearest cafe but either way we’d love to see you out riding.

But if you’ve got that covered and still have a bike to spare then donating to Hobart Bike Kitchen is a wonderful idea.

It doesn’t matter if it’s one of the bikes the kids have outgrown or left behind, or you’ve upgraded and want to find a good home for the old MTB, or its a 10spd roadster that’s been sitting under the house for too long. Whatever the bike we can make good use of it.

So what do they do with it?

In the first instance not very much. Hobart Bike Kitchen doesn’t fix bikes to giveaway, and we are not your free bike mechanic.

What Hobart Bike Kitchen does do is have tools, knowledge and lots of encouragement to work with someone who wants a bike.

We help them find a bike from the donations that fits them and their needs and then work with them to get it ready to ride away on. Then it’s their bike, which they know how to fix, which they have invested time and dirty hands on. They also have some new skills to use to maintain their bike and to share with friends and family.

Just like anything you invest your time and effort in you are going to love it that bit more than something which came with no effort.

Who gets the bikes?

Anyone who is prepared to put the effort in.

We have provided many bikes to people from the migrant and asylum seeker communities, students and people on limited incomes. At times it’s someone who wants a true retro bike or prefers to see a bike recycled rather than a new one sold.

We don’t mind as long as you want to put a bike back on the road and add one more bike to the growing number of people making Hobart a cycling friendly city.

How do I make a donation?

Please check the Upcoming Events on the left hand side for a Sunday Session and drop the bike off at our base at 130 Davey St.  It’s the backyard of The Wilderness Society, and we’re usually there on a Sunday from 1:00 – 4:00 so people can only drop off donations then.

If you can drop off at 130 Davey St on a Sunday afternoon that’s great as we can say thanks properly, and you can see what we’re doing.

If that doesn’t suit you please email us at and we can usually organise something.




2 thoughts on “Donate a Bike”

  1. Hi I have two men’s cycles to give away , I can put them on my Ute as I am working around town and drop them to you after work if that suits around 4 pm or let me know what suits you

    1. Hi Greg, thanks for thinking of us.

      Your offer to drop the bikes off sounds good. If you leave them near the racks that should be fine.

      thanks again,

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