Auction Bikes

As you may have already found on the site we don’t buy or sell bikes.

However, once a year we join our excellent friends Sustainanble Living Tasmania at the Sunstainable Living Festival. We set up out the front so you can come and talk to us about all thingss bike and Bike Kitchen.

We also have the wonderful HBK bike auction. This lets you get a refurbished, renewed, recycled bike and we get the a big chunk of the funds that keep us going for the year. Sometimes its boring things like registration, insurance, incorporation and the like, but it’s also cool stuff like bike tools, parts and the stuff we need to help get more bikes on the road.

So keep an eye on the site each November and have a look at each years auction bikes. We always aim for a good variety of cruising, MTB, kids and roadies so there is something for everyone.



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