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  1. At the moment we shall keep the address off the web. Everybody is welcome but please contact us before hand so we know to expect you!
    General location is near Taroona high school.

  2. g’day…err…whats an alleycat?

    i’m kinda intrested in this…i think…i gotta few frames and bits layin around doing not much…mainly roadie stuff…little bit of track gear..but whats it all about? theres not a lot of info here, for the unitiated…i found the site through cycling south newsletter(oh yeah, the link is wrong…i hadda type the addy)…i’m an ol’fart…ok

    1. Hi Dave,
      To answer some of your questions.
      The Alley cat is organized by Bottles and Chains. Check out their site and then if your still confused

      Yes Cycling South got the link wrong but we still love them.

      Sorry if the website doesn’t give you the answers you need. Its only three days old!
      Maybe check out these links to give you an idea of what we are about:
      Email us if you have questions or want to get involved.

      1. I seen these races on the net, there mad.
        MMM i used to ride like that once. I should talk>


    The Volunteer Grants initiative is part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to supporting volunteering, and building social inclusion and community participation in Australian communities.

    Volunteer Grants 2009 provides grant funding ranging from a minimum of $1,000 to a maximum of $5,000 for eligible non-profit organisations to support their volunteers and encourage volunteering by:

    •purchasing practical and tangible small equipment items to help their volunteers
    •contributing towards the reimbursement of volunteers’ fuel costs incurred when carrying out their volunteering work, including those who use their cars to transport others to activities, deliver food and assist people in need.

  4. Helloo Hobart Bike Kitchen!

    Nunnery Bike Club in Sydney sends its warmest regards and congratulations for getting what looks like an awesome project off the ground!
    Methinks in the future we should start looking for ways to talk, collaborate, trade advice and spread !

    (Nunnery, Bike Club, Cycle-re-Cycle)

    1. Ollie, great to hear from you.

      The Nunnery is one of our inspirations. We loved the practicality of what you’re doing.

      The new space must be great.

      We’d love to collaborate, trade advice etc… , it’s great working out new ideas and finding energy from so many sources.

  5. Hi Bike Kitchen Great idea and good luck, lets hope someone takes it up in Launceston although I believe someone has been doing it off and on in the past. Tamar Bicycle Users Group has been formed this year to advocate and promote commuter and recreational cycling in the Tamar region so locals can contact us for assistance in getting into cycling up here – cheers Malcolm – President

  6. Hi there,

    Good work, thanks for supporting bike shops. I do something similar at my small bike shop here in the Yukon. I recycle donated bikes by welding a name plate in front of the left, rear dropout and painting them completely purple, sometimes brakes, cranks and derailleurs too, never pedals, chains, wheels or grips, so they still look classy. There are over sixty bikes in the fleet and they are mostly named after gods of various pantheons; Mesopotamian, Greek, Indian and others, though I got tired of that and started naming them after cheeses.
    The deal is you leave a deposite of either $100 or $150 depending whether your bikes have steel or alloy (most are alloy) wheels, the first day is $10 then it’s $1/day there after up to half your deposite. So you can get a bike for $50, maintenance included, for the season, which is up to 6 months of ice free roads. They salt the roads here when its not too cold, it’s bad for bikes. Most of the renters are the transient workers who come for the summer tourism and mining jobs, but several local oganizations and even government departments are starting to use them too.
    It’s a lot of work, but it’s self supporting and pays a little bit and it gets great publicity for the shop. There are a few butted full cr-mo frames in the fleet, it’s mostly basic bikes, but I get complimented often on how well they run, which is great for bikes which were heading to the dump.
    I’m considering cycle touring in your part of the world in January/February and would like to visit and help out. I’d be happy to meet some of the local cycling community and build a few bikes. If I could build a solid bike to tour on, something basic, I’d be more than happy to leave it there. It saves me having to transport a bike half way around the planet and back, all I’d have to carry would be panniers and gear.

    Philippe LeBlond,
    Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

    1. Phillippe, we are continually amazed by how many good people there are with different and practical ideas that keep bikes on the road, improve access to transport,…..
      We’d love to be able to meet and have you spend some time with us, and if you can build up a tourer to suit that’s a bonus. Keep us posted.
      If you’ve found us you’ve probably also found The Nunnery, as you’ll probably be landing in Sydney to start your trip they’d also be good people to get in touch with.

      PS my brother is a keen cyclist and is living in Vancouver currently (till Winter Games are over) I do realise how far it is but I’ll encourage him to get some travel miles in and visit Whitehorse and make sure he visits Philippe’s Bicycle Shop.

      PPS great review

    2. Hey Phillippe,
      If you find yourself in Sydney do come down to the Nunnery, we can help you build up a tourer, and you may even find some like minded people if you want company on the road.
      contact olivercashman(at),

      keep on rocking Hobart bike kitchen!

    3. Love this net.
      Quick blog, a search or two & there’s 3 people 1000’s of k’s (or miles) apart helping each other.

  7. Hey Guys, I have a few Bikes i would like to donate, and one road bike i’am keen on fixing up. would love to come down and hang out, help out and fix up my bike and others,,
    let me kno where and when we can hook up.

    1. Lex, we’ll be at Sustainable Living Expo this weekend so please come by and we can give you the details.

      It will be great to see you.

      Otherwise drop a line to and we’ll send you an invite when we have the next Sunday Session.

    1. Cheers, Ikarus. Thanks for the kind words (and now another cycling blog I’ll want to follow).

      and yes today we all can save the world bit by bit – we don’t have too many other options really

  8. Hi

    My mum lives in Hobart and has a couple of bikes to hand on. Could you please call her or contact me to organise a suitable time. [PHONE]


  9. Hi there,
    It is so fab to see such a great idea working well. Congrats on getting the kitchen up and running!
    There is a great bicycle riding/building opportunity for everyone for the opening of Mona Foma on 9th Jan 2010.
    Pursuit is a chamber orchestra of mobile bicycle-powered acoustic musical instruments with wireless transmission technology, choreographed to build dramatically from the elemental and the local, to a full-scale live performance integrating sound with giant screen action. Using everything from horns on handlebars to complex constructions with wind, string or piano actions, the work challenges ideas about music the Pursuit project would love to grow this unlikely orchestra for the performance and want you to be involved. If you would like to ride or build, email It’s free, so come and check it out!

    1. Penny, Thanks for the note we’d had the info passed on and we’ve let a few people know but I’ll add to the blog to keep the news flowing.

  10. Great idea, great initiative, kudos to all. One day I hope to make it along. That there’s shed down near Taroona high school rocks, any shed at all is fantastic, but I reckon chances my being there wills skyrocket if there’s ever a more central shed opportunity shows up.

    I’d love to chat some time about the mechanics of finding such a site and how you came across the present site, as site discovery and selection (free sites no less) is no small job to my mind …

    I’d also suggest that you google “freecycle” find the local freecycle groups and post WANTED ads for old unwanted bikes. I can see a good few being sourced that way. Or if you contact me, I can post the ads and then share the contact details of any donors that pop up (if any of course).

    1. Bernd, at the moment we’re helped by the ‘friends’ of HBK so that’s why we’re in Taroona. It got us started and from there we can grow to a more central site.

      We are looking at more central sites and part of that is establishing a network of people who can suggest/assist in spotting somewhere suitable.

      We are aware of freecycle but for the moment have enought to work with, but it will also be a method of making bikes available.

      Cheers, Mark

    1. Nabil, cheers. We don’t sell frames but you’re welcome to come along and have a look at what we have. We’d love to see you building something.

  11. Hello!
    I am very interested in buying a bike for travelling to and from university, and really want to buy a second hand one, and someone suggested you guys. Do you guys sell bikes? and if so when can I come and look at what is available.

    1. Sam,

      We don’t sell bikes we’re about helping people maintain or build their own bike.

      What we have is bikes that need some work done on them, you can come to a Sunday Session, have a look to find what you like and then we can help with whatever work is needed to get it back on the road.

      We don’t sell/charge for the bikes/bits that we have donated you only have to scrounge or buy any parts you might need.

      I’ll add you to the maillist for our Sunday Session. Generally a mail goes out late in the week to confirm the time etc…. It’s usually held in Taroona on Sunday afternoon.



  12. Hey Mark/others

    I think I need a bike. Am doing alrite on foot most of the time but as I’m getting busier, will need to gear up I reckon…
    Please put me on mail list for sunday sessions, I don’t really care heaps what I ride (more than 3 gears would be nice tho), let’s work something out!

    1. Ben – you’re on the Sunday Session list now. We look forward to seeing you and are pretty sure we can do better than 3 gears for you 🙂 .

  13. hi there freewheelinfeaks
    awestrickenly humbled and inspired by your dedication to the velocipedification of hobartians
    I have a box of spares to donate and a couple of bikes I’d like to try and resurrect.
    I would love to come along but only if my 4 year old daughter Olive wouldn’t be unwelcome?!
    Hope to be hearing from you in the positive in the near fyoocha…
    ps I bumped into Philippe yesterday – I think it’s cool how you guys all connected and helped make his dreams come true!!

    1. It’s never too early to be introduced to the joys of the Bike Kitchen. We’d love to see you both.

  14. Good Work guys. I work as a bike mechanic and have a bunch of stuff to clear out of my shed. Get in touch and we’ll work out a time to meet up and I’ll see if I can be of help.

    1. Gday Chris,

      That sounds great. If you email me at I can give you our physical address in Taroona and we can work out a time. If you need a hand getting it out of the shed at your end we can try and work that out too.

      Good one.

  15. Hey Guys,
    I’d like to come along to a session and hopefully put something together.. would you be able to add me to your email list?

  16. Heard about you on the ABC. Wanting to fix up an old bike we have for my daughter. Could yo please give me directions, and nominate a time that that you would be likely to be there. In anticipation

  17. Hi, a month or two ago I brought my Dad’s old road bike down to the HBK to fix up and give back to him as a present. When I left it last time I tied a number of rags around the frame and wheels to show it was a work in progress and when I went back to work on it yesterday it was gone. I’m REALLY keen to get it back. It is a silver 70s aluminium(?) National brand frame with a sheepskin cover on the seat (possibly removed) orange reflective stickers on head tube and seat tube (possibly removed), drop bars and er.. a fairly high awesome factor with great sentimental attachment.

    I’ll try to find a picture somwhere too.


  18. Hi, I would like to buy a cheap light bike for riding to the shop and back – dont need lots of gears, just ease and reliability. What sort of price am I liiking at and how do I get in touch with you to come and visit and buy?

    1. Jill, we don’t sell bikes but you ‘re very welcome to come to a Sunday Session and build yourself a bike from what we have.

      I’m sure we’d have plenty of bikes that would suit you.

      I’ ll add you to our mailing list.


    1. Brett, sorry for being a while in replying – we’ve been enjoying the holidays.

      I’ve emailed you separately.

  19. Hey guys, I have a couple of old bikes to donate and one to resurrect, can you please add me to your email list? Thanks!!

  20. Hi, have just heard about the Bike Kitchen today – it sounds great. Could you add us to your mailing list please? Thanks, Steve and Jenny

    1. Steve, I’ll add you to our googlegroup. It makes things a bit easier as you can unsubscribe at any time and it also hides email addresses for peoples privavcy.

      Look forward to seeing you.

      Cheers, Mark

  21. Hello,

    I was wondering when your next Sunday session is as I am keen to build a flat bar road bike but am struggling to find a reasonable priced bike to start with. Do I need to donate stuff or pay to build something?


  22. Hey gang, I am also looking to build a bike. Something for a short lady, a Mixte or something. It does not need to be a complete working bike.

    Let me know when the next build day is happening.


  23. Hello HBK

    Can you please put up some more info about the Pulso sessions in FEb 2012. Is that in Glenorchy? Is it only for youth?


  24. Hello Bike Kitchen gurus!
    I’m doing a world around travel and I’m looking for a bike to borrow to ride around tasmania for 1 week. I can exchange volunteer time, I have plenty of time available!Unfortunately I can not buy a bik ebecause I am travelling.Let m eknow if it is possible or if you have any suggestion

    1. Davide,

      we can certianly help, but you need to email us so we can giveyou the address.
      We do not put it on the website for security as it is at someones house.



    1. We don’t have any particular bikes, what we do have is stuff you can come and make something from.

      That said we don’t have any fixir conversion sets, and the only frame with rear facing dropouts that i can recall wouldn’t fit a 6′ rider.

      Please come along to a Sunday Session and have a chat.

  25. I’m after a road bike so that i can get to and from uni. Are there any Sunday sessions coming up?

    1. Unfortunately Bike Kitchen has had to vacate our Seaview Ave base.

      We have a new location lined up but it has to work it’s way through Council planning etc…

      So currently we’ve packed up the bikes and tools etc… and are not operating as normal at the moment.

      Feel free to check back with us, or go to the site to see when we’re back to normal.


    1. We hope to be in a position to give everyone an update on that very soon.

      We have most of the council approvals and need to get final approval from our hosts, and then building estimates.

      We’ll be notifying people of AGM very shortly and will talk about it then.

  26. Hi guys, any advice on someone who could fix the gearing on a Brompton 6 speed? Or could teach me how? Any advice welcome : )

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