There’s something going wrong around here

Well there isn’t actually anything going wrong around here, quite the opposite.

The post was going to be titled “There’s something going on around here” but apparently that’s a mondogreen.

Either way I’m more Joe Jackson than Kid Courageous, and as for pretty girls I think I should just concentrate on the bikes being turned out from the Bike Kitchen, and at least you’ll be able to take one home tonight when you come to Bike Kitchen.

Which is all just a lead in to some more photos of one of our recent Sunday Sessions.

You can see one of the new acquisitions is a tandem. We’re planning to make that the HBK special events bike, so we’d love to have you come along and give us a hand to have it/her looking and running beautifully.

Hopefully by the next Courteous Mass or so we’ll be able to lead the way on a bicycle built for two.

HBK Tandem
HBK Tandem

So where do all these bits go?
Chainsaw Pete
Our multi-talented Pete
something going on
something going on

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