Wholistic Bike Kitchen – Updated

The Hobart Bike Kitchen is obviously about bikes, and we’re big on bike love but we’ve room in our hearts for many other aspects of what goes to make a great community.

Hence our enthusiasm for working with the Hobart Migrant Resource Centre ,
our great respect for all the good things coming from Healthy Transport Hobart

and now I’d like to add a promotion for the Lindisfarne Community Garden Group

I urge you to go to their site and sign the e-petition by the end of the month to encourage the establishment of Clarence’s first community garden at Beltana Park, which would be beautifully situated close to public transport and the bike path around the Lindisfarne foreshore.

While we’re talking about good community here is a wonderful combination of care & compassion & bikes & youth.

Biking for Brightside

Hi, I’m India Furst and I’m 13 years old. On May 27 I will be leaving Launceston on my bike to ride 240 km to Brightside Farm Sanctuary in the Huon Valley to raise awareness of the plight of factory farmed and neglected animals and to support the work that Emma Haswell does at Brightside to rescue, rehome, and advocate for them.

If you would like to help too by sponsoring my ride, then please go to http://www.bikingforbrightside.weebly.com. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and can also be sent to me at PO Box 751, Rosny, 7018 (for “Brightside Farm Sanctuary) or email me at: bikingforbrightside@hotmail.com.

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