Sustainable Living Expo – Nov 7-8

We’ve been asked if we can put together a stand for the Sustainable Living Expo in early november organised by Sustainable Living Tas. It seems to be a pretty big deal and could be the perfect lauchpad for HBK into the wider Hobart community.

As coordinating cyclist, I’ve put some ideas to the SL people that they like – namely interactive workshop time and live auctions of bikes that we have built up.

2 things:

1. if you are keen on helping out on that weekend then be in touch
2. If you know of any way of getting hold of a marquee or something similar then be in touch.
and a 3rd. the bikes we are building in the next few weeks will go toward this and are very important to the future of HBK, so get excited and come along to Sunday Sessions to push things forward.

Check out the website Sustainable Living Expo

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