Sticky Post – Welcome to Hobart Bike Kitchen

Thanks for visiting check out the about us page for more info.

We don’t have a concrete meeting time, but we generally open the kitchen up to anyone interested on Sunday afternoons. If you are interested in any part of it, email us at .

We also gave a HBK discussion group you can subscribe to It’s a managed group so we will need to approve membership but that’s just a formality which we’ll do as soon as possible.

9 thoughts on “Sticky Post – Welcome to Hobart Bike Kitchen”

  1. hi there i work in a mentoring service where we have a few young guys who love riding but dont have anyone to ride with! can we maybe link them up with you?

  2. hi guys,the team down at derwent bike hire are currently cleaning out our boxes of spare parts and would like to know if you would b interested in some of it. look forward to hearing back from you.thanks! scotty naden

    1. Hi Scotty,
      We would be very interested in any parts you could throw our way. Give me a Call on 0439555265 or email us on on the address in ‘contacts’ and we shall arrange a time to come and collect.
      Appreciate you thinking of us, we’ll put the parts to good use.

  3. Awesome Sunday Session HBK!! Thanks for the great support- managed to get 5 bikes into the van with many smiling faces! No doubt some of the boys will be back to work on their ongoing bike projects next week!

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