So when are you open?

Our intention is to hold a Sunday Session, or some other activity, every weekend.

NB we are going to ride our bikes in Jan. 2020 so our next session will be 2/2/2020

So how do you know what we’re doing? It’s easy – check the Upcoming Sessions widget on the left hand side of the page. The event will have the date/time and location of what we’re doing and any other info. which might be useful.

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Sticky Post – Welcome to Hobart Bike Kitchen

Thanks for visiting check out the about us page for more info.

We don’t have a concrete meeting time, but we generally open the kitchen up to anyone interested on Sunday afternoons. If you are interested in any part of it, email us at .

We also gave a HBK discussion group you can subscribe to It’s a managed group so we will need to approve membership but that’s just a formality which we’ll do as soon as possible.