HBK Annual General Meeting 2012/13

HBK Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 14th August
6:00 – 7:00
New Sydney Hotel

If you’re interested in playing a part with HBK please come along to the AGM.

Whatever time or skills you have we’ll be happy to have you join us as we save the world one bicycle at a time.

You should be able to click the button below and let us know if you are coming.

If it doesn’t work or all seems too hard, email hobartbikekitchen@gmail.com

Singing in the Rain

Another Super Sunday was had at HBK Central.

There may have been showers about but not enough to dampen the enthusiasm for bikes and bike fixing as you can see below.


Fixing bikes
Fixing bikes
in the rain
in the rain
smile on your face
smile on your face


What Winter?

There’s certainly no winter lull at HBK. The new site – thanks TWS – is proving really successful and every Sunday so far has been great, plenty of you wanting to get some more bikes on the road and chefs to help out.

This Sundays session of bicycle fixing madness was just smashing. Matthew and Lance were resplendant in their chef’s hats and were admirably assisted by both Raf and little Madeline who surpassed all expectations for a young lady bicycle mechanic.

At the conclusion of our summit, the executive summary indicated that we had definitely released 3 additional bikes out into the world, (plus another possible which I did not personally confirm!) We also saw a frame head off for some home repair, and a bunch of broken old wheels roll away for some inexplicable art project.

As you can see from the photos, there was much happiness with the new machines.

But wait there’s more. Actually there are more bikes, more bikes coming in than going out, so don’t wait till summer has arrived come along to HBK get working on your new bike project now and you’ll be ready and riding as the days get longer.

Great work Maddy
Great work Maddy
making progress

The first supper

In the middle of Dark Mofo there was an unheralded but nontheless important event happening in Salamanca.

The Hobart Bike Kitchen chefs got together for a time to make sure everyone had met, to talk about what we’re doing and to have a chat.

It might not have moved the world off it’s axis but we did set a World Record for the number of Hobart Bike Kitchen chefs in one place at anytime.

We had 12 wise me sitting around a table and had a great time sharing ideas, looking at ways to improve what we do. We even talked about the “vision thing”.

There are plenty of things happening with plumbing, the new bike hanging gazebo, tools and other events we’ll start planning for.

But most of all it was great to share the cameraderie of all these people who want to make the world a better place.
Not so much making the world a better place one bike at a time, more one more confident bike owner and bike at a time.

I know that unless there’s a photo on the internet then the event never happened, sadly we were too busy having a good time to worry about dragging the technology out (call us old school). So I can only leave you with this

it was more this
than this

Winter Hours 1:00 – 4:00

I think we’ve all noticed that the days are shorter, so much so that packing up at 5:00 is all a bit hard.

So until further notice our Sunday Session hours will be 1:00 to 4:00.

It’s still best to check the event detail on the Upcoming Events widget to confirm time and location.

The Upcoming Events widget is that thing on the left, if you mouseover or click on the event description it will show more information. The mouseover shows time properly, sadly for some reason when you click and go to the Google calendar it shows time in GMT if you’re not logged in to Google – sorry.

But even though it’s winter, we’ve been having some great Sunday Sessions, the sun’s been shining, there’s plenty of you turning up and we’ve got heaps to do.

Here are some photos from last weekend.

you can work in one's
you can work in one’s
or two's
or two’s
or three's
or three’s
or as a family
or as a family

when this one is finished it will deserve a story all it's own
when this one is finished it will deserve a story all it’s own

Cooking up a storm

So what’s been happening since the grander than grand Grand Re-Opening?

Well our Sundays have been full of bike fixing goodness. There’s been a great turn out each Sunday Session and the atmosphere has been terrific.

Also it’s been great to welcome some new chefs to Hobart Bike Kitchen. Dan, Paul C, Paul W, Rob, Matt, Jarod – Welcome!
A plan is useful, a space is important, some bikes critical – but it’s the people that make this thing work, and are also what makes it worthwhile.

So here are some pictures sharing the bike love.

See you soon, HBK team

food, families, fun – what more do you want?

that’s the sort of smile an afternoon at HBK puts on your face

what am i doing here?

So when are you open?

Our intention is to hold a Sunday Session, or some other activity, every weekend.

NB we are going to ride our bikes in Jan. 2020 so our next session will be 2/2/2020

So how do you know what we’re doing? It’s easy – check the Upcoming Sessions widget on the left hand side of the page. The event will have the date/time and location of what we’re doing and any other info. which might be useful.

Continue reading So when are you open?

Thank You

Well it’s happened and it was a great success – the Grand Re-Opening of Hobart Bike Kitchen was brilliant.

It looked just like the vision – Community, Cooperation, Bikes, Sunshine, …

For all of that to have happened we have a number of organaisations and people to thank.

Hobart’s indigenous owners the Muwinina people
The Wilderness Society – for a great space, and for sharing our vision
Tas Community Fund – without them there would be no new shed, fewer tools and no trailer, and the bike racking yet to come
Rotary Hobart – for toolboard & new power tools
Hobart City Council – for the rest of the shed, the workbenchs, the lovely Park tools
Island Workshop – for making the shed sit where it’s meant to, and will continue to do so
Hazell Bros – for the concrete on which everything sits
Min. for Sustainable Transport & Leader of The Greens – for the Grand Re-Opening BBQ and for riding bikes
Jackman & McRoss – wasn’t the bread great

Greg Parssey – for all of our signwriting
Luke – for extracting the digit and getting the foundations started

Lance, Ben, Mark, Sam, Paul C, Steve, Ollie, Dan, Tim, Paul W, Rob and to those whose names I don’t know who all contributed to the organising, clearing, digging, shed building, parts stacking, bike moving, … that created the new shed.

To everyone who has been part of Hobart Bike Kitchen since we started, whether you’ve worked on the tools, made a donation or received assitance, and made what we are doing worthwhile.

Lastly, but most importantly, to our partners & families who have enabled this to happen by putting up with us, by being understanding of the amount of bikes and bike related stuff that has entered their lives and by supporting us.

Cutting the ribbon - actually cutting the rim tape.
Cutting the ribbon – actually cutting the rim tape.
We're going to build a bigger one over there

We’re going to build a bigger one over there.
I like that Hobart Bike Kitchen mob

I like that Hobart Bike Kitchen mob
Not everyone who made it  but you get the idea
Not everyone who made it but you get the idea

It’s this Sunday

I hope you’re getting excited, we certainly are.

The Shed is up, the tool bench is a picture of beautifully organised tools (long may it stay that way) and the shelves are full of bike bits.

We’ve got food and drinks, some VIP guests and a good forecast for the Grand re-Opening.

So roll on Sunday and we’ll get the shed open and our first Sunday Session on the new site.

Thanks to everyone who is coming along to help us kick off in style.

Not that everything is done. We’ve still got a big bike rack to build and fill so let us know if you want to lend a hand.

We also want to add a whole lot more of you to the HBK Chef roster to ensure we can run plenty of Sunday Sessions, expand into other days of the week and engage with a whole lot more groups who appreciate the wonderfulness that bikes can provide.

Bike love,

Shed day!

it was a big day on the Hobart Bike Kitchen calendar – the slab has had a couple of weeks to cure, we’ve got some big cardboard boxes of shed and we’ve got some great HBK volunteers.

Thanks to everyone who turned up. It might not have been an Amish barn raising but at the end of the day we’ve got ourselves a 3m x 6m shed full of possibilities.

We have a couple of weekends to go with some ridying up to do, shelving, work benches and the like so keep an eye out for our next couple of working bees.

So here’s a bunch of photos of getting through the day.