The first supper

In the middle of Dark Mofo there was an unheralded but nontheless important event happening in Salamanca.

The Hobart Bike Kitchen chefs got together for a time to make sure everyone had met, to talk about what we’re doing and to have a chat.

It might not have moved the world off it’s axis but we did set a World Record for the number of Hobart Bike Kitchen chefs in one place at anytime.

We had 12 wise me sitting around a table and had a great time sharing ideas, looking at ways to improve what we do. We even talked about the “vision thing”.

There are plenty of things happening with plumbing, the new bike hanging gazebo, tools and other events we’ll start planning for.

But most of all it was great to share the cameraderie of all these people who want to make the world a better place.
Not so much making the world a better place one bike at a time, more one more confident bike owner and bike at a time.

I know that unless there’s a photo on the internet then the event never happened, sadly we were too busy having a good time to worry about dragging the technology out (call us old school). So I can only leave you with this

it was more this
than this

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