What Winter?

There’s certainly no winter lull at HBK. The new site – thanks TWS – is proving really successful and every Sunday so far has been great, plenty of you wanting to get some more bikes on the road and chefs to help out.

This Sundays session of bicycle fixing madness was just smashing. Matthew and Lance were resplendant in their chef’s hats and were admirably assisted by both Raf and little Madeline who surpassed all expectations for a young lady bicycle mechanic.

At the conclusion of our summit, the executive summary indicated that we had definitely released 3 additional bikes out into the world, (plus another possible which I did not personally confirm!) We also saw a frame head off for some home repair, and a bunch of broken old wheels roll away for some inexplicable art project.

As you can see from the photos, there was much happiness with the new machines.

But wait there’s more. Actually there are more bikes, more bikes coming in than going out, so don’t wait till summer has arrived come along to HBK get working on your new bike project now and you’ll be ready and riding as the days get longer.

Great work Maddy
Great work Maddy
making progress

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