Why we love what we do

You know all that stuff we get taught about what makes people feel valued in the workplace & how positive feedback is worth as much as a pay rise or other rewards so it was great to get this letter

Hi bike kitchen people,

only checked my email today after going to sunny queensland for easter. didnt get a chance to ride before the holiday but just want to let you know that my bike has brought joy to our family. i have been dinking the kids, used the bike as transport with 1 on the back and one on their own bike, and completely punished my legs by taking each of the three kids for a ride over the weekend and today, something i hope will be a daily ritual. i forgot how peaceful and in touch with your environment you are when riding a bike (especially when it is 9 degrees!).

Anyway i totally intend to come and pay back the goodness of the bike by helping tidy up the shed or whatever but just needed to get it together after the holiday.


How good is that! We’ve got joy, exercise, family togetherness & peace all brought togther by a Bike Kitchen bike, a bit of time and a pair or two of dirty hands.

With apologies to Darren Hanlon
What joy it’ll bring, piece of metal and two wheels

Bike Love,
from all at Hobart Bike Kitchen

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