Full moona in Taroona

Sometimes you gotta break the rules. Like crossing on a red man. Not locking your front door. Walking backwards up an escalator. Wearing odd socks with pants that are too short. Wearing odd pants with socks that are too short. And so on.

Well, add one more to the list – Finishing a HBK session after 5 o’clock. After a spiritual afternoon giving the people of Hobart all the bike learning our bones had to offer, the skies darkened and we realised the error of our ways, the witching hour was here and there was no stopping it. While we had busied ourselves with work the whispers of night had crept into our very minds and now compelled us to new tasks.

So by the light of a bicycle chain oil lamp, we set about the city inserting spoke cards, repairing tyres and correcting the braking clearances of any innocent bicycle left alone.

At least thats what I heard.

Some people say it never happened.

– Better go check your bike… –

– PS Thanks to all our recent HBK session tinkerers for organising, cleaning and repairing. We cant do it without us. And for you peeps for coming along to help make Hobart an advanced modern city of the finest grade.

Keep respect and keep cycling.

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