Come one, come all

We’ve always wanted everone who comes in contact with the Bike Kitchen to feel they can contribute in some way.

So we’re expanding the use of our Google group to share ideas and keep in touch with you a bit more than just the weekly advice on the Sunday Sessions.

You’ve been invited to Hobart Bike Kitchen

Hi everyone,

we here at the Hobart Bike Kitchen have been happily working away at recycling bikes and donating them for about 18 months now, and we are soon planning on undergoing a bit of change. We really want to keep growing and keep getting better but we need more help!

One of the things that the core group of organisers would really really like is to get a few more people actively involved with discussions, decisions and organisation of the kitchen.

As a first step to this, I’m inviting everyone to join our online discussion group. At present there are a very few of us who use this, but its a valuable way to start getting some broader discussions about the directions that we are heading and how we are going to actually get enough help to be able to keep getting bigger and better.

I understand that there are probably only a few of you on this list who would like to take this extra step, but rather than send this invite only to people whose names I know, I thought it would be much better to make it an open invite – after all, coops are all about community and sharing, not about having a small core group of managers…

If you would like to join up, please do so and over the next couple of weeks I’ll make a real effort to approve membership requests as they come in. Have a look at our past discussions to see how we run, and start making some input when you want!


Hobart Bike Kitchen.

You can subscribe by clicking the following URL:

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2 thoughts on “Come one, come all”

  1. I’m an old guy who used to work a lot with bicycles. I’m good at repairing and adjusting. I have most of the tools. I wouldn’t mind volunteering on a Sunday for a few hours. Have you guys ever considered running a Bike Clinic on a Sunday at the Hobart Farm Gate Market (9:00am – 1:00pm corner of Melville and Elizabeth)? You know, bring your bike along for small fixes and adjustments free, have a small stock of brake pads and cables to sell, maybe a couple of recycled bikes for sale. Just offering. There’s a lot of us old guys out here!

    1. Paul, great to get your mail. We would love to have you join us on a Sunday when you can.

      We’ve been wanting to get some of the more experienced bike lovers joining us. It seems too many of them are busy racing with the vets 🙂

      Look forward to meeting you.

      Cheers, Mark

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