How we got started

It’s a new year and often a time to look back as much as look forward so some of you may be interested in how we got started.

Here’s a link to the original discussion on Facebook started by Gus.

It still very much sums up our aims and aspirations.

I’d like to either embed the article or export from Fbook, but neither are simple tasks so you’ll need to follow the link.

But don’t worry there’s still much to look forward to, soon you’ll be seeing our new trailer, we still on the lookout for a more central location and as discussed above we want to get connections with the local bike groups etc…

So here’s to a terrific 2011.

Bike Love, Mark

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Programmer, Integrator, Scrum Leader, Enthusiast, Cyclist, Tas Leaders Program

2 thoughts on “How we got started”

    1. Patsy, No & Yes.

      We don’t provide bikes so No there wouldn’t be a bike for someone with a disability ready, but should someome want to build such a bike Yes they are very welcome to source parts from what we have & use our tools.


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