This bag is full of new consumables bought in bulk from Bike Ride.

A lovely Sunday forecast this week so we are hoping to get a big crew along to this Sunday Session.

When: 1pm till Dark this Sunday

Another weekly sunday session where anybody can come along to get advice, source parts and advice. You can maintain your steed or get it back on the road. Most of all it is about having a chat and meeting fellow bike riders.

Those feeling generous with their time can help us service and build our project bikes which we are currently getting ready for auction at our stall at the sustainability expo in a few weeks. Time is catching up with us!

Bike Ride have just come through and gotten us a good deal on some consumable parts such as gear and brake lines. More Tires and tubes are also on the way.

I’ll make sure to have a cook up to keep the bike chefs happy. Beverages will also be supplied.
So make the most of a nice forecast and spend some time this sunday in the sun. It would be great if we could get a few people along this week.
If your planning on attending, Please reply so that we know to expect you. If not catch ya next time!

PS. we hope to see you at the ride to work breakfast happening wednesday THIS WEEK.
See you on the roadGusto

Sticky Post – Welcome to Hobart Bike Kitchen

Thanks for visiting check out the about us page for more info.

We don’t have a concrete meeting time, but we generally open the kitchen up to anyone interested on Sunday afternoons. If you are interested in any part of it, email us at hobartbikekitchen@gmail.com .

We also gave a HBK discussion group you can subscribe to hobartbikekitchen@googlegroups.com. It’s a managed group so we will need to approve membership but that’s just a formality which we’ll do as soon as possible.

Sustainable Living Expo – Nov 7-8

We’ve been asked if we can put together a stand for the Sustainable Living Expo in early november organised by Sustainable Living Tas. It seems to be a pretty big deal and could be the perfect lauchpad for HBK into the wider Hobart community.

As coordinating cyclist, I’ve put some ideas to the SL people that they like – namely interactive workshop time and live auctions of bikes that we have built up.

2 things:

1. if you are keen on helping out on that weekend then be in touch
2. If you know of any way of getting hold of a marquee or something similar then be in touch.
and a 3rd. the bikes we are building in the next few weeks will go toward this and are very important to the future of HBK, so get excited and come along to Sunday Sessions to push things forward.

Check out the website Sustainable Living Expo

Sunday Session photos

Momentum is building here at Hobart Bike Kitchen. This Sunday Session saw many helping hands volunteer their time despite the threatening weather. Much Progress was made and it was great to see the ‘brain trust’ at work. Everyone was learning off each other and I’m sure everyone took away some valuable knowledge. My greatest appreciation goes out to those who attended.



Sunday Soup

Just a quick update.

We have had a great response from people; some have offered to help out, while others are keen to get a sweet bike or learn the ropes of bike maintenance .

Last Sunday I learned heaps off the boys of Bottles and Chains. This Sunday we are holding another session rain or shine. (bike soup?)

If you would like to get involved please email so we can make you privy to the details.

In other news, watch out for information about HBK’s presence at the Sustainable Living Expo 7&8th of November.

We are always looking for more bike with character. Check out this vintage Malvern Star Cruiser which we about to give a new life to.

Malvern Star

Sunday Session

Backyard of Bicycles

This sunny Sunday was a good time for the shed to disgorge its wares for a sort out and a photo opportunity.

Things are starting to come together. We have invested in a portable workshop stand which means no more working on knees with bike propped against chin.

tools handy

Tool Box

Our newest acquisition is a basic bike toolkit which we got (for a good price) from Cyclingo. ‘Right tool for the right job’ can be now realized!

From now on a ‘Sunday Session’ will be held weekly in the afternoon. Please call ahead so we know to expect you. Anybody who comes along gets our eternal gratitude and maybe some food/drinks. We also planning other events so keep a eye out!

In the beginning…

There was a wordpress page.

Welcome to Hobart Bike Kitchen’s website. Thanks for stopping by.

Currently based in Taroona, over the last few months we have amassed a collection of old bikes. This is what we like to call potential.

blue bike and some frames.

Our aim is to get the whole of Hobart rolling by giving its people access to cheap bikes as well as the tools and knowledge to maintain them.

We are always looking for knowledgeable people to get involved and any donations of bikes, parts or tools are greatly appreciated.