Sunday Session

Backyard of Bicycles

This sunny Sunday was a good time for the shed to disgorge its wares for a sort out and a photo opportunity.

Things are starting to come together. We have invested in a portable workshop stand which means no more working on knees with bike propped against chin.

tools handy

Tool Box

Our newest acquisition is a basic bike toolkit which we got (for a good price) from Cyclingo. ‘Right tool for the right job’ can be now realized!

From now on a ‘Sunday Session’ will be held weekly in the afternoon. Please call ahead so we know to expect you. Anybody who comes along gets our eternal gratitude and maybe some food/drinks. We also planning other events so keep a eye out!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Session”

  1. Gus, thst is what I call potential!

    I good do with some more days in the weekend to get in some quality bike kitchen time.

  2. Top work.

    Sunday 13 September I’ll come help twirl some wrenches. Teach you boys some Central Australian ‘bush mechanic’ skills yo.

    …and again, good show.

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