5 thoughts on “Pink Lady”

  1. Gus, I have a friend who would love a restored bike like this, and being a full time student is a little cash strapped. How much do you charge?

    How are you btw?

    1. Hi Rosie,
      As any labour we do on the bike is volunteered, your friend is only paying for the parts needed to get the bike on the road again. These might include things like tires, chain etc. Of course its dependent on the bike, but the cost should be minimal. We just received a Identical bike two the above with only minimal work needed!

      1. The one above looks great. And I think, as Tom has said, a bit extra on top of the cost for parts is very justified. How long does it take to do them up? Need a hand at all?

      2. Hey Gus,

        Hannah said she doesn’t really need another bike as beautiful as this ones is, but thankyouverymuch! And so I was wondering if this one is now free?

  2. buddy, this site is awesome! and you’re collection is growing, shit yea!

    If I was buying a bike from ya, I’d be popping extra money on top of the parts cost tho, just cos you must be putting so much effort into this bike kitchen. A bit of extra dough would stop you eating into your own cash for stuff and mean that you can buy more tools, yeah whatever…..

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