Structured Sunday…for bike organising

It was a spring clean sort of a Sunday at HBK this weekend. Fortunately the strong winds of Saturday had abated, and the forecast rain stayed away.

At long last we had the ‘bones’ for the keenly awaited bike hanging structure – 6 pairs of steel posts and about 50m of hardwood rails combine to make a 13 metre long shelter. We had a long roll of shadecloth, hundreds of gang nails, dozens of hooks, several drills, a ladder, and a vague plan. Our goal was to provide our oft-rained on bikes with some semblance of shelter, and the ability to have their running gear free from weedy entanglements.

Ben, Matt and Maddie did a huge job cutting and fixing the shadecloth, ably helped out by Alex and Aaron. They were later joined by Lance and Bernd who assisted with the drilling, and screwing in of hooks (until we ran out!). Lance and Ben then made significant inroads on sorting of bikes. It seemed appropriate that the first bike hung was a girls Huffy “Show Off” (geez it was heavy).

The planned configuration is to have kids bikes closest to the shed, and a dedicated bay at the far end for ‘project bikes’ – those that have tags on and have been worked on in past 3 weeks. We also have a heap of frames which we’ve hung quite closely in the middle section, in order to make best use of the space. Over next few weekends a few ‘cull or keep’ decisions will be made with regard to a heap of kids bikes and MTBs.

As you see in the photos 1 and 3 it was a great day of ‘VP’ (visual progress) and to think we also had about 14 people there at times working on a whole range of bikes – classic ladies step throughs, polo bikes in various states of repair and more.

So if you are thinking of coming to HBK this coming weekend it would be ace if you could lend a hand to fix the last bit of shadecloth. The sooner we get this job out of the way the sooner we get to fix bikes.

1_Start of session
1 Start of session
2_Shadecloth up and drilling begins
2 Shadecloth up and drilling begins
3_End of session
3 End of session
4_view from the kiddies end
4 view from the kiddies end
5_neatly ordered frames
5 neatly ordered frames
6_Aaron working on his steed
6 Aaron working on his steed


Supersized Sunday

We had a plan but why should that get in the way of some HBK bike loving.

As you can read below and check out the photos it was a great day to get some bikes fixed, but we do have to complete the sorting and moving of bikes, move the green waste and getting the bike racking completed.

So if you are thinking of coming to HBK this weekend please be aware that bike fixing will be a lower priority to doing the other tasks. That doesn’t mean don’t come. Please come along and lend a hand. The sooner we get the other chores out of the way the sooner we get to fix bikes.


It was a supersized Sunday at HBK this weekend.

The sun came out and so did the cyclists seeking some HBK bike love.

Matt and Maddie did a huge job helping out the punters, we must have had 20 people there at times working on a whole range of bikes, classic ladies step through getting attnetion, a dad working on kids bike, one of the 22″ 3 speed folders going, bunch of road bikes in various states of repair and more.

We also had a assistant chef, who had got a bike recently and came back to lend a hand.

Apologies that I’ve forgotten his name, but Matt will be able to enlighten us.

Mark and Ben got the bikes moved from their previous area and roughly sorted into piles. We’ve got about the right number of MTB/flat bar cruisers, good number of kids bikes, a mixed assortment opf the retro/classics bikes but probably too many frames with a lot of work to do, and very few road bikes.

We did give a trailer load of bikes to Ant Edler and the Bikes for Africa project, though not as many as might have thought.

We also have a heap of frames which we’ll have to decide are worth keeping or not as well as a heap of kids bikes not worth retaining.

Bernd and Ben then got into the tree removal, removing the large woody weed we had many of the bikes stored under.

Hope the thumb is feeling better Bernd.

We didn’t have the time to take the green waste away on Sunday, so next Sunday when we’ll have to have a no. of tip runs.

Starting off slowly
Starting off slowly
Great work Dad
Great work Dad
Now we're rocking it
Now we’re rocking it
Now you see it
Now you see it
Now you don't
Now you don’t

HBK Annual General Meeting 2012/13

HBK Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 14th August
6:00 – 7:00
New Sydney Hotel

If you’re interested in playing a part with HBK please come along to the AGM.

Whatever time or skills you have we’ll be happy to have you join us as we save the world one bicycle at a time.

You should be able to click the button below and let us know if you are coming.

If it doesn’t work or all seems too hard, email

What Winter?

There’s certainly no winter lull at HBK. The new site – thanks TWS – is proving really successful and every Sunday so far has been great, plenty of you wanting to get some more bikes on the road and chefs to help out.

This Sundays session of bicycle fixing madness was just smashing. Matthew and Lance were resplendant in their chef’s hats and were admirably assisted by both Raf and little Madeline who surpassed all expectations for a young lady bicycle mechanic.

At the conclusion of our summit, the executive summary indicated that we had definitely released 3 additional bikes out into the world, (plus another possible which I did not personally confirm!) We also saw a frame head off for some home repair, and a bunch of broken old wheels roll away for some inexplicable art project.

As you can see from the photos, there was much happiness with the new machines.

But wait there’s more. Actually there are more bikes, more bikes coming in than going out, so don’t wait till summer has arrived come along to HBK get working on your new bike project now and you’ll be ready and riding as the days get longer.

Great work Maddy
Great work Maddy
making progress

The first supper

In the middle of Dark Mofo there was an unheralded but nontheless important event happening in Salamanca.

The Hobart Bike Kitchen chefs got together for a time to make sure everyone had met, to talk about what we’re doing and to have a chat.

It might not have moved the world off it’s axis but we did set a World Record for the number of Hobart Bike Kitchen chefs in one place at anytime.

We had 12 wise me sitting around a table and had a great time sharing ideas, looking at ways to improve what we do. We even talked about the “vision thing”.

There are plenty of things happening with plumbing, the new bike hanging gazebo, tools and other events we’ll start planning for.

But most of all it was great to share the cameraderie of all these people who want to make the world a better place.
Not so much making the world a better place one bike at a time, more one more confident bike owner and bike at a time.

I know that unless there’s a photo on the internet then the event never happened, sadly we were too busy having a good time to worry about dragging the technology out (call us old school). So I can only leave you with this

it was more this
than this

Winter Hours 1:00 – 4:00

I think we’ve all noticed that the days are shorter, so much so that packing up at 5:00 is all a bit hard.

So until further notice our Sunday Session hours will be 1:00 to 4:00.

It’s still best to check the event detail on the Upcoming Events widget to confirm time and location.

The Upcoming Events widget is that thing on the left, if you mouseover or click on the event description it will show more information. The mouseover shows time properly, sadly for some reason when you click and go to the Google calendar it shows time in GMT if you’re not logged in to Google – sorry.

But even though it’s winter, we’ve been having some great Sunday Sessions, the sun’s been shining, there’s plenty of you turning up and we’ve got heaps to do.

Here are some photos from last weekend.

you can work in one's
you can work in one’s
or two's
or two’s
or three's
or three’s
or as a family
or as a family

when this one is finished it will deserve a story all it's own
when this one is finished it will deserve a story all it’s own