It’s this Sunday

I hope you’re getting excited, we certainly are.

The Shed is up, the tool bench is a picture of beautifully organised tools (long may it stay that way) and the shelves are full of bike bits.

We’ve got food and drinks, some VIP guests and a good forecast for the Grand re-Opening.

So roll on Sunday and we’ll get the shed open and our first Sunday Session on the new site.

Thanks to everyone who is coming along to help us kick off in style.

Not that everything is done. We’ve still got a big bike rack to build and fill so let us know if you want to lend a hand.

We also want to add a whole lot more of you to the HBK Chef roster to ensure we can run plenty of Sunday Sessions, expand into other days of the week and engage with a whole lot more groups who appreciate the wonderfulness that bikes can provide.

Bike love,

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Programmer, Integrator, Scrum Leader, Enthusiast, Cyclist, Tas Leaders Program

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