Building a HBK home

Well, we’ve got a selection of new bike tools, a shiny new shed still in its box, now we just need to get some construction underway. HBK is going to need capable hands over coming weekends to make our new home a reality, starting with this Saturday morning.

1. Australia Day Working Bee to help prepare new home for HBK

Q: What could be more Aussie than listening to the Hottest 100 on Australia Day?

A: Helping out a good cause in the morning to prepare you for a more relaxing afternoon listening to the best tunes of 2012!

When: Saturday 26 January, 9am-noon

Objective: We need to dig out the foundation area for the concrete slab that the shed will sit on – this is a job that should take 4 able-bodied adults about 2 hours to complete. We also need to limb a tree that is a bit to close to our future shed (So ideally, someone with a chainsaw and a trailer that needs some firewood, as we have to remove it off site).

2. February working bees (weekend days only) to build new home for HBK.

On weekends in February we will be aiming to complete the following tasks:

· Prepare the foundation (this involves carting sand to site and compacting it, and laying waterproof membrane)

· Pour and finish the concrete slab (6m x 3m), so we would appreciate anyone that has experience in this stepping up for this (or put in touch with people who can)

· Erect the shed

Please contact Ben Clark on 6223 6118, or 0488 625 586, if you can assist, or email

If emailing please indicate your availaiblity and skills you can contribute. Even an hour of your time would be greatly appreciated. The more people we can get helping the sooner we can focus on our core role of fixing and refurbishing bikes!!

— Cheers Ben

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