So we went to Goodwood

and had a great day. The weather was miserable so it was great to have an indoor venue, and on top of that a good crowd of people with bikes in mind.

Rather than bore you with my words these pcitures tell the story.

Our thanks to Aimee and Bridget for all their organising, and the lovely news from Aimee
“Best thing for us out of the event was to see the lady and her son in the last picture riding their new bikes to school on Monday! Exciting stuff.”

Big Bikes

Little bikes
Cool Bikes
Well tuned bikes
Serious work required bikes
Bikes to the left of them, bikes to the right
Serious bikes
Bikes to go

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2 thoughts on “So we went to Goodwood”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We have a project to help more people in Nakuru North District in Kenya choose bicycling for their every day transportation needs through what they call here in Kenya:
    1).Boda-Boda- Used to transport people by bicycles.
    2).Mbogo- Used to transport food stuff eg vegetables,maize,milk,fire wood from rich areas in Nyandarua County to the urban market in Nakuru town.

    Can our organizations work together? Is it possible for you to introduce us to bicycle donating organizations in worldwide?

    Kindest regards,

    Nicholas Ng’ang’a
    Executive Director
    Education Supplements International
    P.O Box 3305

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