We’re One!

Well now we’re actually one and a bit as I’ve been a bit slow with the posts of late.

If you check through the archives you’ll see our first post with a lovely pink lady and our first big session from September 2009.

Since then it’s been onwards and upwards.

With Gus and Pete off to other climes, Ollie, Lance, Sam and Steve have come on board. We’ve continued to deliver some great Sunday Sessions and are looking forward to many more.

Please come back soon to have a look a the bikes we’ll be taking to Sustainable Living Expo (6th/7th November) and we look forward to seeing you there.

We’ll also be at Ride To Work Day breakfast at Mawson Place on Wed. 13th October so drop by and grab a HBK spoke card if you don’t have one, or ask about how you can join is in getting more bikes on the road.

Bike love,

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