4th July slideshow

When I get this right the below will be a Picasa slideshow rather than a link but in the meantime here are some images from what was a super 4th of July at Bike Kitchen.

it was nearly all too hard. We’re a wordpress.com site and can’t use the plugins that would do this.

If you’re interested, or so I can remember what I did, here’s how to embed using VodPod.
Get the VodPod account.
Get the photos loaded from Picasa to Picasaweb.
In Picasaweb on the RHS find the Embed Slideshow link, choose the options you want and then copy the embed slideshow code.

Back on VodPod use Add Video and paste the code copied above. This should get the slideshow saved to VodPod.
As per http://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/vodpod/ should be able to to create a new post.

There is also a Vodpod widget to embed video into sidebar, but that’s a bit hard to view (or so I reckon).

HBK 4th July 2010

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