The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Well he’s not dead, he’s not even badly injured but Gus, the King of Bike Kitchen (he’d hate that term), is off to do some more great bike things on the mainland.

Gus has been accepted into Architecture at the University of Newcastle, or more properly the School of Architecture and the Built Environment in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. There Gus will be able to take his engineering knowledge and his bike love to become Australia;s answer to Jan Gehl.

Reading this article from Jan Gehl you could replace Sydney with Hobart and it would be a great start for the new government.

Anyway Gus has promised he’ll be keeping an eye of HBK and will be dropping in when he can.

But that doesn’t mean we’re going away. Pete and Mark will be keeping the Kitchen on the boil, it just makes room for another bike chef or two. So if you’re interested in taking part just drop us a line.

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2 thoughts on “The King is Dead, Long Live the King”

  1. well good luck Gus.

    what do you need help with? (oh that is a loaded question) and i have only been once on a sunday , and there was only one other lady there at the time.

    1. You name it we need help, well there’s always something to do.

      Especially this weekend when we’ll be the visited by a local Cub Scout troop.

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