Walk Against Warming

Ride your bike to the Walk Against Warming in the Florentine Valley!

This year’s Walk Against Warming starts at 12 noon on Saturday 12th December in Tasmania’s Upper Florentine. The walk will be part of a global day of climate action, coinciding with international climate talks in Copenhagen. Come along to the Walk against Warming and find out how forests help fight climate change, and the positive opportunities for expanding our renewable-energy and low-carbon industries. Make your voice heard! Join the call to world leaders for a strong and fair global climate deal at the Copenhagen climate talks.

Make your trip to the Walk Against Warming carbon neutral. Ride your bike to the Upper Florentine, arriving Friday night, in time to join in the fun. Arrangements will be made for all your gear, the journey will be pre-planned and guides will be with you on the day. Please note: there are a number of hills that you will need to ascend and descend on route to the Upper Florentine.

To find out more about the bike ride, call Jess at Environment Tasmania on (03) 6224 6319 or email climate@et.org.au

For more info about the Walk Against Warming, visit www.et.org.au

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