Pancakes in the Park

There is NO Sunday Session this weekend. Hobart Bike Kitchen has been invited to participate in the Pancakes in the Park Event which is happening Sunday Morning.


Pancakes in the Park, Sunday 22nd Nov, 10am – noon.
D’Arcy St Park, South Hobart.

What is it:
“The event is from 10AM – 12 on sunday 22nd.
The idea is for people to come along and eat free pancakes and get to know their neighbours. It is also for people to begin to learn what skills people have locally and to sort of set up a skills fair. So i might babysit your child if you cut my hair and made me a cake.
The event is aimed at those living in south Hobart, but its not exclusive so even if people are not in the area  is is still ok to come.
its a big social experiment which may fall flat or may be a roaring success.”

The thought of free pancakes was too much to resist.

If your about it would be great to drop in, especially if you live in or near south Hobart.

We are going to bring along a good set of tools and will be working away but won’t have access for all the spare parts etc we have at HBK HQ.

I’m considering running a 5pm onwards Session on a weekday to make up, get in touch if you’d be interested in this.

Also if your without a bike we now have so many different bikes that I’m sure we could find you a suitable project to work with so no excuses, come along.


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