Sustainability Expo Report

Hobart Bike Kitchen’s presence at the Sustainability Expo was a great success.

In the end we sold 14 bikes, some of those were at auction which was some entertainment. I’m not sure if the crowd was laughing with us or at us! We raised over $600 in funds which will be put to good use in the future.

The expo was also an opportunity to talk to heaps of people and get the word out. Contacts we made during the weekend should lead to some great opportunities for us to get out into the community. We are especially excited with some kids summer programs that will soon be organised.

HBK StallHBK Stall 2

Thanks to everyone who came along and had a chat to us, it was great to talk to you all.

Special thanks to those who helped it happen: Wade and Mick for helping manning the stall, Andy and Rodger for providing some of the bikes and the sustainability expo crew for putting on a great event.

Thanks also to Tim for the above photos, and to Simon for the shade tent.

We’ve had some lovely feedback since the event, and here’s a quote from Bronwyn

“I am the very excited new, old bike owner who fixed their bike up with a new gear cable on Sunday at the Sustainable Living Expo. When I got home my friend and I got out the tools and added more features like lights and a bag rack. Anyway today is a beautiful day, but I am at work with this new bike love in my heart, it’s distracting and I haven’t even taken it for a proper ride yet. I can’t stop thinking about how important the work you’re doing is for the community and I wonder if through my work I might be able to help get your message out there.”

We want to spread more bike love.

4 thoughts on “Sustainability Expo Report”

  1. G’day folks , eh to Pete,Mic, and Wade ( Is that the right spelling ) G’day fellas.
    2 hrs to get home.I made it

    1. and we have lots of bike love for all the good work that Healthy Transport is doing.

      We should supply a Healthy Transport/Courteous Mass flyer with every HBK bike 🙂

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