Spring is in the air

While you may not see it from the number of blog posts we’ve had a busy winter.

ELBO rides again was a lot of fun, but the Sunday Sessions have also kept on rolling with a steady stream of happy bikes.

But now the days are getting longer and warmer so if you haven’t already you’ll soon be wanting to get on a bike and enjoy one of the Bicycle Network’s social rides or just do your own thing with friends & family (or sometimes by yourself because that’s good for the soul too).

So make a plan.

  1. Check the Upcoming Sessions
  2. Get along to fix your bike, or one from our donations
  3. Ride

As the saying goes, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We find as the days get longer, the numbers coming to the Sunday Sessions increases so don’t leave it too long.

Besides the sooner you do it, the sooner you’re out on your bike.

Bike Love, HBK

No Sunday Session – 22nd March 2015

It’s Cycling Sunday and as the headline says a perfect day to get on our bikes.
(though that’s every day)



Image © Mercury

So we’re getting the bikes out heading off to Bellerive and going for a ride.

We hope you do as well. It doesn’t have to be one of the organised rides, make your own Cycling Sunday and head off with the kids or find a new cafe.

Bike Love,

New Road Rules

From 25 February new road rules will be introduced on Tasmanian roads to increase the safety of cyclists.

When passing or overtaking a cyclist, a driver will be able to straddle or cross a continuous centre line in order to leave a safe space between their vehicle and the cyclist, when it is safe to do so.

This means to pass a cyclist safely, a driver can cross:

  • a single continuous line;
  • a single continuous line with a broken line on the left or right, or;
  • double continuous lines.

It is recommended that a driver should leave at least one metre clearance between their vehicle and the cyclist on roads up to and including 60 km/h and 1.5 metres on roads above 60 km/h.

To support these changes, new yellow warning signs with the message “pass cyclists safely” will be rolled out along popular cycling routes throughout February and March.

To assist drivers and cyclists to understand the changes, we have developed a web page with a digital clip, depicting how and when to apply the rules, together with common questions and answers.

For more information visit: http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/centrelines


Thank you to the Cykel Chefen

Thank you to the Cykel Chefen you ask?

Well I’d like to offer a big thank you to everyone from HBK who was involved in making the Sustainable Living Festival another great weekend.

To those who helped get the bikes ready, setup and participated over the weekend thanks very much. I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed ourselves.

To everyone who has donated in the past, or took part in the auctions and especially the auction winners thanks also.

Also it’s an excuse to use an photo from Copenhagen I took while on holidays.

You’ll all be pleased to know that our auctioneers did a stirling job and we reached our target for the weekend and have definitely raised enough to pay the bills and look to do more of the great work we’re known for.

If you want to see more pictures from then weekend check out the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HobartBikeKitchen

Cykel Chefen, Copengahen
Cykel Chefen, Copengahen

Full moona in Taroona

Sometimes you gotta break the rules. Like crossing on a red man. Not locking your front door. Walking backwards up an escalator. Wearing odd socks with pants that are too short. Wearing odd pants with socks that are too short. And so on.

Well, add one more to the list – Finishing a HBK session after 5 o’clock. After a spiritual afternoon giving the people of Hobart all the bike learning our bones had to offer, the skies darkened and we realised the error of our ways, the witching hour was here and there was no stopping it. While we had busied ourselves with work the whispers of night had crept into our very minds and now compelled us to new tasks.

So by the light of a bicycle chain oil lamp, we set about the city inserting spoke cards, repairing tyres and correcting the braking clearances of any innocent bicycle left alone.

At least thats what I heard.

Some people say it never happened.

– Better go check your bike… –

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Grind Away Your Blues

Careful with that grinder Eugene

Yeah well, um, Sam here, what did happen today? umm, ahahah, you know got on with the kitchen didnt we? We churned out.. nah, how many bikes did we churn out, 5. 6. 10? Plus the premier came in, nup. synopisis, maybe he did, I dunno. Cassy is comin in next week. My brain doesnt flow like this, not since uni. Ok I’ll put up the pics. Continue reading Grind Away Your Blues

HBK back with the MRC

It was sweet. We packed up the trailer, picked up some crew in town and headed to the Pulse centre in Glenorchy.

Just about all the bikes we brought along rolled out the door in operational order with a smiling customer aboard. A couple of projects that people brought along were also rejuvenated successfully.

At it again next week. Check out the pics.

Ewan, of the new Bike Kitchen crew

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Australia Day Weekend Session.

Last weeks Bike Kitchen was possibly the biggest yet. The backyard was filled with Bikes, Bike Kitcheners, Kids and a Dog.

Mark and his father with their completed Apollo which was gorgeous. It took a few sessions to get all the niggles out but all the effort was worth it!

Ollie built up another Apollo frame which I found a few bocks from HBK HQ on hard rubbish day. This frame was a full on racer and really light. Currently running ‘Ghetto’ single speed, (2 Chainrings and Cassette remain) this bike is the perfect steed for getting around town and to Uni.