How much cycling at COP26 you ask?

Well it’s less than SFA.

Thanks to Carlton Reid and

and don’t try riding there either

Donations, yes please

You may have seen the Donations page link. That explains the things we need to maintain the bike kitchen operation. But here’s an update on how we’re going.

We know Tasmania is a very generous community and we have always appreciated what comes our way.

We currently have more bikes than we can store, so we’d love to have more volunteers helping us get them back out there being ridden.
It would be great to be able to donate more bikes to those in need but we can only work with those who come in on a Sunday. So if you have time to donate that would be amazing.

What is a donation we can always use a little more of? Money.
We’ve always got tools, parts, insurance etc… to pay for and we no longer have the wonderful Sustainable Living Expo Bike Auction as a fundraiser, so a donation is a great way to keep HBK around to be helping you in the future.
To that end we’ve now set up a PayPal account that you can easily make a donation to.
Click the button and you’re on the way.

Cake. Yes I’m serious. Come by with a cake or some biscuits you may have baked on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll feel the love from the hard working bike chefs.
It’s as much about being a welcoming community and a place for everyone as it is about hunger.

Whatever you can do. Thank You.

Weather permitting

It’s been great to have HBK running again post COVID.
There have been a couple of Sundays which have been weather affected so it’s always good to check the Upcoming Sessions page, and the Facebook feed just to be sure that we’re open.

But that said we had a great day last Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you at HBK.
If you have a bike to work on bring it in, if you need a bike come and get one.

More bike riders makes Hobart better.
A more connected community, healthier, safer and just more fun.

Bicycles put smiles on faces. Here’s proof from last Sunday.

Open this one to see a bigger view and get the feel for how much is going on.

We’re on the back :-)

Planning and Induction Day

Hi HBK Friends,

This coming Sunday (28th June 2020) will be a planning and induction day.
Please note this is NOT a business as usual Sunday Session.

We’ll be preparing to ensure the processes are in place so we can all socially distance and still provide the same friendly assistance we always do.
We’ll be working on a shed cleanup and generally having the site ready.

We will also be running an induction for any new volunteers who would like to be involved.
You don’t need to be an expert (we’re certainly not). If you have a Sunday free from time to time and want to see more people riding bikes then you’re qualified.

If that’s you we’d love to see you on Sunday. If you’d like to volunteer and can’t make Sunday just let us know at

HBK Reopening with a standard Sunday Session will be 5th July if all goes to plan.

COVID-19 effects

Hello Hobart Bike Kitchen champions,

In support of social distancing measures and recognising the need to protect vulnerable groups in our community from the corona-virus (COVID-19) situation, we have decided to prioritise the health and safety of our volunteers, you (our valued community) and employees of the Tas Health sector and close the doors of the Hobart Bike Kitchen workshop until things improve.

We fully appreciate that bikes will play a vitally important part in how we move through these immediate challenges and rise to respond to climate change as well and we will post here as soon as we’re ready run our next Sunday session.

Stay safe, look after your bikes and each other in these challenging times

Be the best version of yourselves and practice generosity and compassion wherever you can.

Look forward to seeing you all for our grand re-opening party!

Best wishes

HBK crew

It’s time for a party

Well it’s an immersive cultural experience.  A warm and friendly place to connect with people, great music, performance, art being created LIVE! plus bike recycling/repair, organic veggies.

The wonderful people at Kick Start Arts are developing Musiq Garden where you’ll have the opportunity to be part of your community and enjoy live music, art , food, drinks, … and Hobart Bike Kitchen will be there to do some bike recycling/repair (as well as enjoy the music, art, food, drinks, …).

So if you didn’t get enough Dark Mofo, or you want more, or you just a great evening for all the family your Friday nights are

Click Musiq Garden to get the details.

Here’s the July/Aug program.

Launch Party – Friday July 6th 5-8pm